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UsedCarExpert.co.uk – or The Used Car Experts as we are often known – help everyday car buyers pick the bargains from the bangers.

Buying a used car – let alone selling a used car – is a minefield. It’s all the harder because the average car buyer only changes their car every 3 to 5 years and almost always spends as much as they can afford.

So if they end up buying a car with a common fault, or over paying for a high mileage car, they have nothing left in the bank that month to pay for the problem.

Used Car Expert’s message is simple – don’t be like the average or typical car buyer of old! Get savvy!

Here’s what we do to help you get the right car deal:

  • Hundreds of reviews from different writers to give you real-life perspective
  • Unique used car price guides that are super-accurate
  • Every statistic you could possibly need to choose the right car
  • Hundreds of thousands of cars for sale – highlighted to indicate if the dealer is a good dealer or better still a Used Car Expert Award-winning dealer that you can trust
  • Fault guides so that you can spot and avoid bangers and bills

Used Car Expert is a trading name of SDO, who also publish a series of other websites including New Car Expert, Used Van Expert, Bike Expert and Warranty Expert. Founded in 2005, Used Car Expert has grown to provide answers to car buying questions.

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