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Used Fiat Panda Fault Guides

Used Car Expert Fault Guides tell you the common Fiat Panda faults and wear items that can become problems and big bills for their owner.

Independent research indicated that using our fault guides to check a car before you buy it can save you an average of £300 in surprise bills and hidden problems.

That's because our Fiat Panda fault guides are written so that anyone can understand them – even if you know nothing about cars and have no tools. For every common fault, we tell you what to look for, what it means and what it costs.

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Fiat Panda (2004 - Present) Fault Guide

Fiat Panda (2004 - Present) Fault Guide

View Fiat Panda (2004 - Present) Fault Guide

We know of 12 FIAT Panda (2004 - Present) faults which our fault check guide makes it easy for you to spot and avoid.

  • 3 engine faults
  • 1 suspension wear items or faults
  • 3 interior problems
  • 2 bodywork issues
  • 3 recalls

Here's an example fault on the FIAT Panda (2004 - Present)

What to look for:

Check the service history and mileage to make sure the cambelt service is not due and has not been passed. The service on is due on these engines at 72,000 miles.

What it means:

If the service is due it will have to be budgeted for. If the cambelt service schedule had been ignored then there is a high chance of damage to the engine.

What to do

If the cambelt service is due then try to reduce the price of the vehicle by £450.00. If the car has passed its scheduled cambelt service without the work being done then it is advised to have the car inspected by a qualified mechanic.

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