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Added: 02 Aug 2009
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I am thinking about buying a Fiat Punto. I have just done a HPI test on it and it says that it was reported stolen by an insurance company over 2 years ago.

The owner has the original keys and it has been owned by two (maybe three) people since the date it was stolen.

The owner has also checked the VIN number and all of this is okay. Also the V5 is genuine. It isn't registered on the police database as stolen.

Can anybody advise me on this at all?




Cars can be recovered after being stolen. Which it sounds like this car has been.

If you contact HPI they should be able to help clarify if the car was recovered and which insurance database it was on. You can then try and check with the insurer if you feel that necessary.

If HPI can't help, you should get a check from our data check provider

Good luck


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