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Used Honda Jazz Prices & Values

Used Car Expert’s used Honda Jazz prices are the most accurate Honda Jazz valuations in the UK. Uniquely, they show real average mileages, depreciation patterns and local price variations.

Honda Jazz Prices & Depreciation Trend

Used Car Expert Honda Jazz price guide shows that with the current Honda Jazz you would aim to buy a 4 year old and sell it before it is 6 years old.

Honda Jazz Prices & Depreciation – Graph -Doors and body shape differences
Honda Jazz Prices & Depreciation – Graph - Fuel differences
Honda Jazz Prices & Depreciation – Graph - Engine differences
The engine that is cheapest to buy after four year is the 1200cc engine. So that’s the best nearly new buy.

Used Honda Jazz Price Examples

You should use the Honda Jazz price guide tool at the top of this page to find an accurate and adjusted price for the Honda Jazz you are looking to buy or sell.

But below we do provide a quick reference list of typical prices and used Honda Jazz values for all the popular variants:

YearUsed Price / Used Value
2014 Honda Jazz £13,333
2013 Honda Jazz £11,514
2012 Honda Jazz £9,915
2011 Honda Jazz £9,160
2010 Honda Jazz £7,180
2009 Honda Jazz £6,535
2008 Honda Jazz £5,172
2007 Honda Jazz £4,264
2006 Honda Jazz £3,834
2005 Honda Jazz £3,349
2004 Honda Jazz £2,912
2003 Honda Jazz £2,506
2002 Honda Jazz £1,860
2000 Honda Jazz £7,000
1 Honda Jazz £10,218
Year£ Average Price£ Drop% Depreciation
The depreciation is based on analysis of UK retail prices over 3 years, using new brochure prices, a sample of 19011 cars first registered in 2014, 19011 cars first registered in 2013, 19011 cars first registered in 2012, 19011 cars first registered in 2011, 10091 cars first registered in 2010, 10278 cars first registered in 2009, 7539 cars first registered in 2008.
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