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Used Mazda 2 Fault Guides

Used Car Expert Fault Guides tell you the common Mazda 2 faults and wear items that can become problems and big bills for their owner.

Independent research indicated that using our fault guides to check a car before you buy it can save you an average of £300 in surprise bills and hidden problems.

That's because our Mazda 2 fault guides are written so that anyone can understand them – even if you know nothing about cars and have no tools. For every common fault, we tell you what to look for, what it means and what it costs.

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Mazda 2 (2007 - Present) Fault Guide

Mazda 2 (2007 - Present) Fault Guide

View Mazda 2 (2007 - Present) Fault Guide

We know of 9 MAZDA 2 (2007 - Present) faults which our fault check guide makes it easy for you to spot and avoid.

  • 2 engine faults
  • 2 suspension wear items or faults
  • 3 interior problems
  • 1 bodywork issues
  • 1 recalls

Here's an example fault on the MAZDA 2 (2007 - Present)

What to look for:

Test drive the car and make sure the DPF light on the dashboard comes on with the ignition and goes out when the engine is running. If the light stays on, drive the car at a constant 35/40 mph in third for 5/6 miles and see if the light goes out. If the light remains on, check to see if the engine management warning light is on as well.

What it means:

If the car is only used for short runs the DPF filter can clog up which means it needs to be manually ‘regenerated’ at a dealer. If you drive the car as specified and find the DPF warning light has gone out then the DPF has effectively cleaned itself out and is working fine. If the DPF and engine management lights both remain on then this can mean that the DPF filter will need to be replaced.

What to do

If the DPF needs to be manually regenerated by a dealer you will have to budget £185.00 to have this done. Be aware that if the part needs to be replaced then this entails replacing the entire catalytic converter unit which can cost up to £1350.00 at a dealer.

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