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LIKE a pair of Levis or an Omega Seamaster, it’s hard to find anything that does the job better than a Porsche 911, no matter how much you spend.

A new model is coming and the stats are amazing.

The standard Carrera will do 0-62mph in 4.4 seconds and top out at 180mph. Yet it will do 35mpg and offers CO2 emissions of 194g/km.

That’s a better CO2 figure than a 2.0-litre Ford Mondeo and better fuel economy than a Kuga 2.5ST in a car that’s faster than a Ferrari Testarossa.

It is a real achievement which is somewhat undermined by the absolutely huge purchase price - £71,000 for the base model.

At that price it should run on water and emit single malt from the tailpipe!

So what does the second hand market offer the canny buyer?

Here are some examples at different price points – whichever one you buy, be wary braking into a downhill corner…

911 (996 Generation – 1999 to 2005)

The first modern 911. Water rather than air cooled these models are very close to the bottom of their value now. Indeed some Turbo models in interesting colours are starting to climb in value and GT3s are rock solid choices. Cabriolets are cheapest, followed by Targas. Tiptronic boxes are less desirable but very tough. number of faults: 15

Cars For Sale: A well maintained manual Carrera model with the earlier 3.4 engine, a full service history and less than 70,000 miles model can be bought form a specialist for around £16,000.

911 (964 Generation - 1989 to 1993)

The 964 cars look very similar to the classic 911 models but have more sophisticated rear suspension and many updates such as four-wheel-drive on some cars. Buy with care as this generation can be fragile. Cheaper than earlier models but more of a headache to look after. number of faults: 17

Cars For Sale:  Again Targa and Cabriolet models are much cheaper – you will pay around £15,000 for a nice, well looked after coupe with less than 80,000 on the clock.

911 (993 Generation - 1993 to 1998)

One of the all time greats and priced to match. I’ve driven a lot of cars, but the brief drive I had in a 993 generation 911 remains the best. Fast and small the 993 is the last of the water-cooled Porsches and feels about a million times faster than it is. You pay a massive premium though, in this rare case, it’s probably worth it. number of faults: 20

Cars For Sale: £20,000 is the minimum for a nice one of these. Turbo cars with low miles can hit £65,000.

911 (997 Generation - 2005 to 2011)

The still just about current car. A palpable hit with customers and critics alike. Classic 911 shape returns and, if you don’t want to spend 70 grand, a recent GT3 might be just the ticket offering as it does similar looks and about the best residuals of any car for a saving of £20,000. number of faults: 23

Cars For Sale:  A standard Carrera can be had for £38,000, at three years old with less than 30,000 miles on the clock.

Words: Tom Greenwood

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