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If you have a problem with using this site, these notes may help you:

Problem: I have not received my password

Solution: Passwords will take up to 5 minutes to reach you. After this time, check for new email (click 'Refresh' on your browser button bar if using web mail or press 'Send & Receive' if using a mail program like Outlook).

Do you have a SPAM FILTER or JUNK MAIL box? Please check these folders as our automatic password emails can sometimes be blocked by these filters or moved to a junk folder.

If it has not arrived after 5 minutes, please click here to request a reminder.

If that does not solve your problem, please contact us.

Problem: My password does not work / I have forgotten my password

Solution: Your password is numeric, so it is made up of numbers only and no letters. When logging in, please check that you have typed your email address correctly and copied your password correctly. If both are correct, then you must have registered more than once and are not using your live password. Your first password, issued when you first registered, will be live until you run out of credits.

If you are not sure which password is live, request a reminder by clicking here.

Problem: I log in, but can't get to the guide / I keep being returned to the log in page or registration form

Solution: Enter your log in details and press the log in button. Then press the 'refresh' button on your browser. This is the button that looks like two arrows going round in a circle.

Problem: When I try to log in with the correct password, I still cannot get past the first page or stay 'not logged in'

Solution: You may experience this problem if you have cookies disabled completely. The login uses sessions, which relies on temporary cookies (browsers accept these by default). But if you have disabled cookies completely, half the websites of the world won't work, including this one! If your company firewalls are turned up to 11 that can do this too, but again that level of security will stop lots of websites working.

To adjust your cookie settings in Internet Explorer, on the Tools drop-down menu, click Internet Options. On the Privacy tab, move the slider up for a higher level of privacy or down for a lower level of privacy.

Problem: I want to stop receiving cars for sale emails, but keep my account

Solution: You can stop, change or set up a second 'cars for sale' email alert by logging in and using the email controls on the start page.

Problem: I want to stop all emails / unsubscribe / close my account

Solution: Simply enter your email address on the unsubscribe page.

If these notes do not solve your problem, please contact us.

Used Car Expert member benefits, passwords and access...

Website visitors who do not register can:

  1. Read most of the reviews, news and Q&A in the knowledgebase
  2. Use the national price guides (including adjust for mileage)
  3. Use the cars for sale section

Registered website visitors can do all of the above, plus:

  1. Read and print the unique fault check guides that tell you how to spot common faults, wear items and signs of abuse
  2. Receive email alerts as suitable cars for sale come onto the market
  3. Adjust car prices for their region
  4. Receive brochures for the cars wanted
  5. Access all the restricted advice sections
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