Cheap Car Insurance

So you want cheap car insurance?

We checked all the car insurance comparison services, and found:

  • The same insurance companies offer different deals on different comparison sites
  • All the comparison sites say they search lots of companies but all return 45-55 results
  • The best prices usually only vary by about 5% from one comparison site to another

So here is how to get the cheapest quotes, depending on how busy you are!

I want the best deal, no matter how long it takes
Follow all the steps below...
I want to get the best deal, but don't want to spend all day on it
Skip to step 2...
I am very busy, just recommend one site
Skip to step 3...

Finding the cheapest insurance takes a few minutes....

Click the quote button below to visit Go Compare.


Click the quote button below to visit Confused.


Click the quote button below to visit QuoteZone .



Reduce your car insurance premiums on all the comparison sites

There are a small number of questions that have a BIG impact on insurance premiums.

For example, taking a larger voluntary excess can cut the premium, and you can insure both the voluntary and mandatory excess with some of the money you save. So you have total peace of mind and a smaller bill.

For detailed advice on how insurance premiums are calculated, and how to get them down, you can visit our insurance review section.

And remember...

You must change your insurance every year, because insurers price cheaply to win your business, but knowing most people don't switch, then put the premiums up each year to "claw back" money.