How to use our running costs tool

If you cannot find data for a car, please check these points and then you should find the tool will work:

  • Check you are only looking for a car built since 2006 and filling in each field (box)
  • Check that your chosen engine size matches the engine size given in our official stats data
    • E.g. Car engine sizes are often 'sold' or 'badged' as 1.2 when they are actually on 1140 CC, which is really 1.1. So you will need to slect 1100 in this example.
  • Check the number of doors matches the data in our official stats section

There are links to the stats section next to the drop down boxes on the running costs tool.

Our car data is based on cross-referencing the manufacturer press releases, brochures and official figures. The depreciation is based on our live prices, so variations and spikes will be the same as in the price data. If there are too few of a particular model of car on the market at present the system may say there is 'too little data' to give you running costs.

If the tool still doesn't work, please contact us.


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