Scandal: Cut & Shut

A 'cut and shut' is where the remaining good front from one crashed car car and the remaining good back from another are weleded together to make one 'good' car. Usually however, the job is not done properly and the car quickly becomes dangerous.

Official estimates suggest there are up to 30,000 UK 'cut and shuts' on UK roads at present!

If you follow all the steps in the Used Car Expert guide you are highly unlikely to be caught out. But here is some extra advice to help make sure you spot anything suspicious:

  1. Cut and shuts are usually joined at the top of the reay windscreen and through the c-pillars. Pay close attention to those areas inside and out.
  2. Keep an eye out for upholstery, trim or paintwork that doesn't quite match.
  3. Check all the paperwork, using the Used Car Expert guide steps And finally, remember if a deal seems to good to be true it usually is! There is no such thing as a really cheap car!!

This Rover 45 from the West Midlands is a recent cut and shut. From the outside it looks like a fantastic car. But once the owner had bought the car and later discovered the problem, he had no practical way of getting his money back!! Apparently, the seller, VOSA (Government agency) and the Police were all equally uninterested in helping.

Source HPI/ RAC.