Car Warranty Comparison, Advice & Reviews

Did you know that you can get a warranty for any kind of car aged 2 - 10 years old?

Did you know that some of these warranties - known as mechanical break down insurance - can cover you against bills from:

  • Breaking down because a part has worn out
  • Problems found at service
  • Problems found at MOT

Many car manufacturer warranties only cover you for manufacturer defect. Which means on older cars, you stand very little chance of getting many claims paid.

However, private warranty companies will cover you much more comprehensively and give you a range of other benefits like emergency car hire, travel costs and break down recovery.

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If you are buying a used car, or own a car that is just coming out of manufacturer warranty, Used Car Expert sister site, can help you compare the different providers and make an informed choice about your car warranty.

Warranty Expert compares extended manufacturer warranties and independent warranties so that you can get the best level of cover at the best price.

Car Warranty

If our fault guides say your car has a timing belt (or cam belt) that can damage the engine when it fails, then you might want to take out timing belt failure insurance. If your belt fails early, the insurer pays for the new engine!
Timing Belt Failure Insurance Free normally costs £29.95.
Used Car Expert customers only need to pay £24.95. Call 0808 144 1770.